KMC – Lighting Controls

KMC – Lighting Controls

Lighting consumes between 15 and 40% of a building’s energy costs. Moreover, heat generated by lighting adds to the cooling load and energy used by the building’s HVAC system. With energy cost per watt continuing to climb, every watt of lighting saved adds up to big savings over the life of a building…and that is “watt” matters to building owners.

Lights on when nobody is in the room and more lights on than necessary waste electricity. These wasted watts can be reduced by a building automation system with occupancy schedules/sensors and daylight harvesting.

KMC Lighting offers a solution to illumination management needs. We offer (master and expansion) lighting control cabinets and a variety of relays, occupancy/motion sensors and switches that can become the scalable automation system that will save energy and money.

KMC Lighting panels can be used stand-alone or, for additional flexible control and monitoring options, as part of a BACnet network with KMC HVAC controls.

Specifications Highlights

Master and Expansion Lighting Control Cabinets

  • Inputs can connect to a variety of switches, occupancy sensors, photocells, analog inputs & contact closures
  • Built-in astronomic time clock control can adjust time schedules (calculating the length of day) according to the date & location
  • Lifetime power failure memory restores lighting to levels prior to power interruption
  • Standard transformer has inputs for 120, 277, or 347 volts AC power
  • Operates stand-alone or part of a BACnet network

Lighting Control Relays

  • Provide zero-cross circuitry, eliminating arcing at mechanical contacts when loads are switched & greatly extending the life of the relays
  • Relays are individually replaceable (except in expansion cabinets with only four relays)
  • One or two poles, NO or NC & latching relays available
  • Listed for use with ballasted loads

Switches (Digital and Low Voltage)

  • Up to 127 digital (networked) switches & cabinets can be connected on a sub-network
  • Up to 48 low-voltage switches (or other analog inputs) connect to individual terminal blocks (in the 24/48 relay cabinets with a 36-input card installed)
  • Switches have up to ten buttons per gang & mount in a standard deep switch box
  • Status LED for each button provides true relay status & round locator LED facilitates finding the switches in the dark when no others are illuminated

Switches (Momentary Action)

  • Connect to individual terminal blocks
  • Quiet operation, SPDT, momentary action, center off

Occupancy Sensors (Wall or Ceiling Mount Models)

  • Small size—installed sensor appears almost invisible
  • Self-adjusting & self-calibrating
  • Powered from KMC Lighting cabinets
  • Self-adjusting timer is factory-set at 10 minutes, but user can select from 30 seconds to 30 minutes with internal controls & sensor may increase timer automatically through self-adapting features to meet room or occupancy patterns
  • Learned & adjusted settings, saved in protected memory, are not lost during power outages
  • Ambient light recognition—photocell optionally prevents lights from turning on when the room is adequately lit by natural light
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