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Steffes - Thermal Storage Heating System

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) is the technology of converting off-peak electricity to heat and storing this low cost heat for use in satisfying comfort requirements of a business 24 hours a day. An ETS system contains electric heating elements which lie within special, high-density ceramic bricks. These bricks are capable of storing vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time.

Power is cheaper when demand is low

Electricity is more expensive during certain times of the day when electric cunsumption is at it's peak. A power company may refer to the hours when the demand for electricity and associated costs are high as on-peak hours. In the commercial and industrial market, on-peak times may be when their electric consumption is at its peak.

Off-peak hours are the times of day or night when the power companies usually have excess energy supply due to low demand. In commercial and industrial applications, it is those hours when "demand free" power is available and generally when consumption within the facility is low. Some power companies offer reduced rates or substantial discounts on electricity consumed during off-peak times. These rates are called “off-peak rates.”

During hours a power company deems as off-peak, the electric thermal elements generate the heat that will be stored in the bricks of the ETS Heating Systems. This stored heat is used to satisfy immediate heating requirements and to provide total comfort during peak hours.

Environmentally Friendly

Today, there is much emphasis being placed on energy efficiency, conservation and preservation of our environment. Steffes ETS Heating Systems make the most efficient use of power generation, transmission and distribution. These innovative heating products allow for full utilization of power from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Steffes ETS heating systems are your green heating solution that brings benefit to consumers, power companies and our environment.

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