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KMC - Web-Based Solutions

If you need a web-accessible building automation system, KMC Controls offers both software and hardware solutions.

TotalControl - an enterprise solution


TotalControl is a full-featured, browser-based solution for medium to large building automation systems. Running on standard computer platforms, operators need only Microsoft Internet Explorer to change schedules, view trend logs and acknowledge alarms. Up-to-the-minute equipment operational status is displayed on fully animated graphics pages.

BACnet Building Controller - BACnet control and web server combined

BACnet Building Controller

The BAC-A1616BC is not only a BACnet Building Controller, but also comes with its own internal web server. For small installations, a single BAC-A1616BC is a perfect stand-alone solution for a building automation system with web-accessible requirements. For larger installations, several BAC-A1616BC Building Controllers can be connected together on a standard Ethernet network.



The KMC Controls KMD-5270 Weblite controller is a cost-effective web solution for small KMDigital installations. The WebLite is a KMDigital Tier 1 controller that includes web access to trend logs, schedules and basic graphic representation of equipment operation. When used with the BACnet option, the WebLite is also a gateway to a BACnet internetwork.

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